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Fashion and Specialized Embroidery
Combination of automatic embroidery machine and high speed laser bridge
We have modern embroidery and laser equipment for production of fashion and specialized embroidery: sequins, cording/coiling, tufting, complicated multi-layer appliques.
Combination laser bridge/embroidery machines is used to produce high quality applique designs.
We accept small and big orders.
We produce self-adhesive emblems for different purposes.

We have a double combination embroidery machine: cording/coiling, standard embroidery and sequin devices.
We are able to fix rhinestones stand - alone or in combination with embroidery.
We produce tufting embroidery with special high-speed machines.
Fashion embroidery using different attractive materials, produced with the combination embroidery machine/laser bridge
Double layer applique produced with combination embroidery machine/laser bridge Applique with holographic materials
Combination 2 color applique, embroidery and rhinestones
Combination embroidery, applique and laser engraving on fleece
Fashion embroidery with applique and color metalic thread

Applique on cotton fabric

Applique with cutting of upper material
Detailed logo embroidered on fine knitted fabric

Fashion embroidery metalic thread and sequins

Combination standard embroidery, cording and sequins

Tufting embroidery

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