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Laser cutting & engraving on textile and leather materials

High speed galvanometric laser

Demo clip

Flat bed cutting laser


We cut appliques and engrave on a different textile and leather materials .
We produce laser engraved emblems, labels and other articles by customer order.
We accept both small and big orders.
We produce self adhessive emblems for different purposes.

High speed bridge type galavanometric lasers are used for mass production .
Engraving on jeans, 100% cotton
Engraving on leather Applique - holographic material
Engraving on fleece
Engraving on fleece, inverse effect
Double colour applique with self adhesive paper
Combination embroidery and engraving on tent of cap, 100% cotton Luxury size label
Applique with complicated shape

Combination embroidery and laser engraving on ready-made cap, 100% cotton

Laser engraving on tent of cap, 100% cotton Applique with pre-cut letters
Laser engraved and cut emblem with colour effect Laser engraving on viscose fabric

Complicated self adhesive applique with internal holes

Laser engraved and cut emblem with emboss effect
Photo engraving on knitted fabric, 100% cotton
Laser cut embroidery emblem with thermo adhesive back layer
Laser engraving on synthetic leather

Engraving on fleece

Applique from attractive material

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